Welcome to the Research School of Humanities & the Arts

The Research School of Humanities & the Arts (RSHA) produces world-leading, innovative research and education in the humanities and creative arts.

We seek to understand the diversity and complexity of human experience, across cultures and languages, past and present; to examine the ways in which that experience shapes and is shaped by the environment - historical, political, sociocultural, linguistic and natural; and to discover how people have tried to make sense of the world and the place of humanity within it. In so doing, we seek to transform the future.

From tackling social inequality and fostering inclusive societies to confronting environmental challenges and grappling with ethical dilemmas posed by technological changes, we aim to address today’s interconnected global challenges and contribute to informed decision-making, policy formulation, and social transformation.

Our disciplines also play a crucial role in curating artistic, literary, musical, and cultural heritage, tangible and intangible, and we take a leadership role in advocating for the importance of humanities-driven knowledges and methodologies in Australia and globally.

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