HRC Announces 2024 Visiting Fellows

HRC Announces 2024 Visiting Fellows
ANU Humanities Research Centre Visiting Fellows for 2024
Thursday 25 January 2024

The HRC is pleased to announce the Visiting Fellows selected for 2024.

2024 marks the 50th year of the ANU Humanities Research Centre (HRC). To celebrate, the HRC is supporting research into different ideas of time and place and paying respect to Indigenous people through the theme of ‘everywhen’.

Time, Place, Everywhen brings together a sense of ever-present time with people, culture, law, the landscape and cosmos. While the term is associated with ANU anthropologist W.E.H Stanner, the fusion of time and place has deep origins and broad application. Via research projects, as well as lectures, advocacy and art, the HRC will be working with world-class Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers to showcase the flourishing of the humanities and cognate fields by addressing the following questions and topics:

  • How have people from around the world and throughout history integrated time and place?
  • How can different conceptions of time and place unsettle practices of assimilation, extraction, and domination?
  • Regenerative approaches to knowledge and culture in higher education and the Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM) sector.
  • Everywhen-related examples of art, activism, public engagement and collaboration that advance truth telling, healing and belonging.
  • Through studies of language, literature, religion, material culture and history, what can be known and registered about everywhen and what can’t be?
  • How can changing ideas of time and place foster creativity and wellbeing?

This theme will generate rich discussion and debate, and we invite wide participation in our events throughout the year, including the HRC Work in Progress Morning Teas where our Visiting Fellows present their work for discussion and feedback.

See our 2024 Visiting Fellows listed below and find more details here.
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Dr Mati Keynes

Dr Mati Keynes is a McKenzie Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Social Transformations in Education Research Hub at the University of Melbourne. Dr Keynes comes to the ANU as the 2024 HRC-AuSI Visiting Fellow.
Project: Deep listening: Regenerative history pedagogies for a future world
Visit date: 5 Feb – 18 April 2024

Dr Diana Young

Diana Young is Associate Professor in Museum Anthropology at the University of Queensland
Colour as ruination; connecting chromatic temporalities in human and the non-human ecologies
Visit date:  29 Jan – 23 Feb 2024

Dr Lucy Jackson

Dr Jackson is Associate Professor in Classics (Ancient Greek Literature) at Durham University. Dr Jackson comes to the ANU as the 2023 HRC-Centre for Classical Studies Visiting Fellow.
Project: Containing Multitudes. Disruption, Repair, and the Ancient Greek Chorus
Visit date: 12 Feb – 8 Mar 2024

Professor Susan Hogan

Susan Hogan is a Professor of Arts and Health at the University of Derby
Florence Nightingale, Feminism & Women in History, and Origin Stories relating to the Arts and Health
Visit date: 15 Feb – 15 Mar 2024

Professor Sharon Crozier-De Rosa

Sharon Crozier-De Rosa is Professor in History in the School of Humanities and Social Inquiry at the University of Wollongong
 ‘The Future of Our Past’: Memory Activism and the Feminist Temporalities of International Women’s Year 1975
Visit date: 1 May – 27 Jun 2024

Dr Laura Wright

Laura Wright is a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at Newcastle University, UK
Tears for the Future: Early Modern Women’s Prophetic Cries
Visit date: 6 May – 7 June 2024

Dr Nandini Pandey

Nandini Pandey is Associate Professor of Classics at John Hopkins UniversityDr Pandey comes to the ANU as the 2024 HRC-Centre for Classical Studies Fellow.
Project: Roman Diversity: Imperial Everywheres and Everywhens
Visit date: 9 May – 26 Jun 2024

Professor Christina F. Kreps

Christina Kreps is Professor of Anthropology and Director of Museum and Heritage Studies and Museum of Anthropology at the University of Denver
(Re)Assembling Alternative Museologies
Visit Date: 12 May - 30 Jun 2024

Dr Garth Stahl

Garth Stahl is an Associate Professor in the School of Education at the University of Queensland
Project: Exploring Youth Digital Activism on The Indigenous Voice to Parliament: Time, Place, EveryWhen
Visit date: 28 May – 28 June 2024

Ms Maree Clarke

Maree Clarke is a Yorta Yorta/Wamba Wamba/Mutti Mutti/Boonwurrung multi-disciplinary Artist and Curator.
Research on and a creative response to the Ginninderry Necklace. This project, led by Maree Clarke, is supported by collaborators Canberra Museum and Gallery (CMAG), the Canberra Glassworks and Ginninderry Trust.
Visit date: June/July 2024

Dr Jinghong Zhang

Jinghong Zhang is an Associate Professor in the Centre for Social Science at the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), China
Project: The Sense of Time and Place of Chinese Chaoshan Migrants in Australia: A “Taste” Approach
Visit date: 1 July – 31 Aug 2024

Associate Professor Anne M. Thell

Anne M. Thell is an Associate Professor in the Department of English Literature at the National University of Singapore. Anne M. Thell comes to the ANU as the HRC-Gender Institute Visiting Fellow.
Project: I Am, Again: Margaret Cavendish, ‘Restoring-Beds, or Wombs,’ and Natural Regeneration
Visit date: 22 Jul – 12 Aug 2024

Professor Helen Fulton

Professor Helen Fulton is Chair of Medieval Literature ast the University of Bristol
Project: The Everywhen of Wales and the Timeless Myth of Sovereignty
Visit date: 29 Jul – 13 Sep 2024

Mr Geraint Evans

Geraint Evans is teaches modern literature in the Department of English at Swansea University
Shelley and the English Romantics in Wales
Visit date: 29 Jul – 13 Sep 2024

Professor Vanessa Agnew

Vanessa Agnew is Professor of Anglophone Studies at Universität Duisburg-Essen and Director of the Critical Thinking Program of Academy in Exile at Freie Universität Berlin.
Visit Date: 21 Aug - 4 Sept 2024

Professor Dawn Lyon

Dawn Lyon is Professor of Sociology at the University of Kent
Project: The dynamic qualities of rhythm
Visit date: 13 Sept – 25 Oct 2024

Dr Lara McKenzie

Dr Lara McKenzie is a Research Fellow in Social Sciences at the University of Western Australia
Project: Fracture and repair: COVID-19, borders, and separated grand/parenthood
Visit date: October/November 2024

Dr Justine Lloyd

Dr Justine Lloyd is a cultural sociologist in the Discipline of Sociology at Macquarie University
Project: Unlocking the potential of place in participatory public memory projects
Visit date: November 2024

Dr Jessica White

Dr Jessica White is Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing and Literature at the University of South Australia
Crip Time in the Anthropocene
Visit date: 4 Nov – 2 Dec 2024

Dr James Bednall

Dr James Bednall is a lecturer in linguistics at Charles Darwin University
Project: Mamawura-langwa, angalya-langwa: About time and space in Anindilyakwa
Visit date: 4 Nov – 14 Dec 2024

Professor Christopher Ewing

Christopher Ewing is Assistant Professor in the History Department at Purdue University. Professor Ewing comes to the ANU as the 2024 HRC-Freilich Fellow.
Project: Hate: The Transnational Politics of Hate Crimes in the Violent ‘90s
Visit date: 18 Nov – 20 Dec 2024

Dr Visakesa Chandrasekaram

Department of Public & International Law, Faculty of Law, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Dr Chandrasekaram comes to the ANU as the 2024 SSSHARC / HRC Fellow in Creative Practice.
This fellowship is a collaboration between the Sydney Social Sciences and Humanities Advanced Research Centre (SSSHARC) at the University of Sydney and the ANU Humanities Research Centre.


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